Aussie Boat Sales takes on Stejcraft for Victoria

Aussie Boat Sales and Stejcraft have teamed up in Victoria.

Williamstown based Aussie Boat Sales had on display at this year’s Melbourne show a range of Stejcraft cruising and fishing boats highlighting Stejcraft’s latest designs and finishes.  Included in the line up was the popular 580 Islander, 610 Monaco and 640 Monaco models, all featuring Honda power and Easytow trailers.

Scott O’Hare from Aussie Boat Sales said; ‘we are very pleased to announce that we will be teaming up with such an iconic Aussie brand, and recognise the differences that Stejcraft brings to the table, with super strong, light weight vacuum moulded components, no timber in the construction, solid offshore hull designs along with better trim and finishes than the competition, all at very competitive prices’.

Established in 1971, Stejcraft remains as one of Australia’s oldest continuing boat brands, under the same family ownership. Enjoying a solid reputation for on water performance and exceptional value for money, Stejcraft aim their designs at family fishing with a cruising emphasis.

Stejcraft principle, Tim Catenese, lived and studied in the U.S for two years, building boats, learning new construction techniques, developing cutting edge designs and returning to his family manufacturing base in Queensland to begin a new phase in the company’s history.

‘Our latest range not only embodies almost 50 years of boat building knowledge and history, but incorporates the very best of all that was learned in the U.S, so we can build more advanced boats, quicker and better’, said Catanese; ‘ my time working with leading boat manufacturers, countless hours at trade shows, spending time with upholsterers, learning about different stringer systems, foam fills, modern adhesives and vacuum moulding;  all translate to a better stronger boat that not only looks better, but performs better on the water’; he said.

Aussie Boat Sales are offering attractive introductory BMT deals on the Stejcraft range to celebrate the beginning of this exciting new partnership. For more info go to  or or call (03) 9397-6977

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