Chaparral expands range with new Outboard and Surf Models

Chaparral have just introduced their latest for the 2020 model year with 3 exciting new boats now available for order in Entry level,  Crossover and Surf categories .

So a little sneak preview….but one at a time…

19 Outboard Bowrider

Firstly the long awaited 19 outboard is here, which should put smiles on a few faces. Chaparral were not prepared to just add an outboard transom to the existing 19 inboard hull as they weren’t happy with the handling and performance in testing; so they have redesigned the hull to make it work and have come up with the goods.

The deck is basically the same as the inboard boat, but with added storage and still a decent swim platform set up around the motor.  Of course the DNA from the premium boats is still there with Chaparral’s salt water heritage at the forefront of all of their thinking, and you can get the 19 outboard in either the Sport or the ever popular Ski Fish models.

We expect the price to start at around $75,000 BMT with a few extras, so pricing is spot on for a boat of this calibre as well.

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