Honda Outboards now available in Grand Prix White

Honda Marine have released two of their biggest sellers in stunning Grand Prix White.  The 250 iST and 150 iST digital motors will be available from October in the new colour option, providing a choice for those wishing to build up a custom rig, helping Honda owners stand out in the battle for the ‘best boat ramp bling’.

Honda released some limited-edition motors in 2019 in a similar white colour scheme, which turned out to be a popular option at the time. With supply chain reductions during covid, the white motors were suspended from the availability list to ensure maximum production efficiency.  Now with production back on track, and with Honda gaining substantial market share in all major markets over the last three years, the white motors will again be made available to buyers.  Talk to us about your new outboard today – silver or white – the choice is yours!


2 thoughts on “Honda Outboards now available in Grand Prix White

  1. Clay Manners says:

    I am interested in purchasing a 30 hp Honda outboard – electric start, tiller steering, power tilt, long shaft. Can you supply? If so what is your best price?

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