Welcome to 2024 – Get Ready to Go Boating

Welcome to 2024 – The Best Boating Weather is on its Way!

So far summer has been well… more like spring with a bit of winter thrown in.  The best part is, that according to long term forecasts, things are on the improve.   As we sit here in the pouring rain – most likely to set a new record for January, the second half of the week is looking great as is the remainder of January.  We also know that traditionally, February through to April is when the real boating weather kicks in.  So, the message from our end is to trust in the boating gods and to get ready for some stellar conditions.

FYI, you still need to be ready to spring into action.  Keep an eye on the wind and when the time is right for your boating area – go for it.  Last weekend (Friday 5th and Saturday 6th ) gave us a taste of the good stuff – we launched our Chaparral Bowrider and shot over to Black Rock from Williamstown, enjoying perfect conditions with friends and about 60 other boats.  We were well rewarded for making the effort to be prepared.

Get yourself a couple of weather apps; Seabreeze and Willy Weather and BOM are the ones I use, compare the data and then make your plans. Check the boat over – batteries, fuel, safety gear etc..  Maybe run it on the earmuffs if it hasn’t been started for a while.

We have a comprehensive check list available – just email us and we will send it to you.

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